Celebrate 2015 With Our Year End Sale!

Year End Sale

We’re going to close out 2015 with a Year End Sale!

April is getting ever closer and we’re hard at work on making Whinny City Pony Con the best that it can be! To celebrate the end of 2015 we’re having a year end sale on all badges! From now through January 3rd, get 10% of Weekend, Filly/Colt, Earth Pony, and Unicorn Badges, and 5% off Cocktail Hour tickets and Pegasus and Royal Guard Badges! If you got some holiday money to spend, or maybe forgot to get someone a present, now’s your chance to make up for it! No code is necessary, so head over to the Registration page and get your badge!

More guests getting announced soon!

We have no doubt that a weekend with John de Lancie and Andrea Libman¬†will be a great time, but you had to know we weren’t going to stop there. Stay tuned over the next few weeks to find out about our next two guests that we will be adding to our roster, and get your badges on sale now while you can!

We have new mascots!

You may have noticed the three new ponies in our announcement today (also featured in our Star Wars tribute last weekend and our Merry Christmas post). Say hello to Deep Dish (but you can call her Dee Dee for short), Mustard Mark, and Hoof Work! These fine equines are the new public face of Whinny City, and represent some of the best parts of Chicago! Make sure to follow us to find out more about our new mascots really soon!

Early Bird pricing ending soon!

Our Year End Sale isn’t the only reason to get your ticket soon – our Early Bird pricing is ending very soon! Register today, and as always stay tuned for more updates!

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