Join us in welcoming Ian Hanlin to his first MLP Convention!

Ian Hanlin Announcement

We’re incredibly thrilled to welcome Ian Hanlin, the voice of Sunburst, to his first MLP convention!

Art by Sweet Cream


The good times just keep on coming for us at Whinny City!  We’ve announced numerous guests who will be joining us this April 13th through the 15th.  But we have to make it crystal clear that we’re not done yet.  We’re bursting at the seams to tell you more… and we’ll do it right now!

Our next guest for Whinny City Pony Con 2018 is a special one too, as this will be their first ever My Little Pony convention.  We are happy to announce the voice of Sunburst, Ian Hanlin, as our next Guest of Honor!

Ian is joining a star-studded lineup for this year’s convention that includes Kelly Sheridan, the voice behind Sunburst’s longtime friend, Starlight Glimmer.  Also coming to Whinny City this year is Andrea Libman, Ingrid Nilson, and M.A. Larson.  Weekend badges to see all of our Guests of Honor and more are still only $50 when you pre-register!

We also have numerous sponsor badges available, which help fund the convention and get you plenty of perks.  They start with the Earth Pony Sponsor badge at $325, and go all the way up to the Alicorn Sponsor badge for $1,500.  Perks include tickets to the sponsor dinner and all ages VIP cocktail hour, custom badges with your OC on it, and access to our sponsor-only Facebook group and Discord channel.

April is approaching fast, and we’re nowhere near done with announcements! Vendors, musicians, community guests and more are all still to come. WCPC18 will be the best one yet! Will you be there?

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