Please Welcome IDW Comics Artist Brenda Hickey!


Brenda Hickey Announcement

Brenda Hickey is making our Guest of Honor lineup a lot more creative!


Art by Sweet Cream


Old Chicago was full of colorful characters.  Flapper girls danced the night away as jazz musicians filled the halls with their tunes, and gangsters kept people entertained with games of chance and spirits that flowed free… even if the lawmen did not approve.

In keeping with the theme of Old Chicago for Whinny City Pony Con 2018, we’re bringing numerous fun and colorful characters to join us.  Not gangsters and flappers, but some of your favorites from My Little Pony. For our next Guest of Honor announcement, we’re bringing you someone that brings the color to your favorite characters.

We are proud to announce IDW comic book artist Brenda Hickey as our next Guest of Honor!  Brenda is our 6th GoH coming to Chicagoland in April, and the first from the comic book series.  She will be joining other previously announced guests; including Kelly Sheridan, Andrea Libman, and M.A. Larson.

If you would like to meet Brenda at this year’s Whinny City, weekend badges are still only $50!  And sponsor badges, such as the Unicorn Pony and Alicorn Sponsor badges, are still available but are running out fast!  Sponsor badges are a great way to get a package of perks, and help support the convention. Register today!

Whinny City 2018 is only a couple months away, and we have more planned in the build up to our third year!  Make sure you get your badge and see everything that we have to offer!

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