Check Out Whinny City Pony Con 2017’s Hall of Vendors!

Vendor Hall Hours

Unicorn, Pegasus, and Alicorn Sponsors may enter the vendor hall 30 minutes earlier than these times!

Friday – 1pm – 7pm
Saturday – 10:30am – 7pm
Sunday – 10:30am – 3pm

Vendor Hall Map

Our Vendors

From badges to foams to OCs we can make it for you!

We create custom artwork of OCs as well as show characters! You will be able to find prints, badges, foam cut outs and more available at our booth!

Ruirik’s Woodcrafts
Hand made woodcrafts built to last.

I offer a selection of hand made pens, coasters, and jar lids, along with glasses laser engraved with a variety of cutie marks and designs. Each one can be made to order and is done from my home in the Waukesha area.

Pony art, Games, and more!

From art and badges, to games and apparel, we have something for everyone! The core re-print of the famous TSSSF will be here as well as several of the expansions, and even some brand new game projects. Come on by!

Selling art prints, TSSSF cards, badges, body pillows, and on-the-spot commissions

I am selling large and small prints of various ponies and crossovers. I also have custom TSSSF cards and badges based on TF2 ponies. I do commissions at my booth, both traditional and digital. There are several body pillows for sale, all of them are life-size 5 feet tall.

Alto & Pastel of Ponyville
Art & merch for fans of small horses

We make merch for horse fans of all ages! We sell original artwork, handmade plushies, custom toys, and cosplay items! As much as we love the MLP Mane Six, we specialize in creating merch of your favorite background ponies, "one-episode" characters, and fan-created characters. Order forms for art commissions and custom plushies will also be available at our table.

Chocolate Pony’s Tarot and Horse Famous Card Game
Card games and tarot decks for all!

Presenting the ever popular Equestria Tarot deck and Horse Famous Card Game, as well as the numerous other tarot decks and games. Brand new for 2017, the Wrath of Con Game, Horse Famous comic book series, and furry tarot deck, as well as badges, enamel pins, wallscrolls, and more.

Selling Best Pony buttons, art prints, and commissions.

Who's your favorite pony? AfroThunder's World of Wonders will be more than happy to help you choose from the many fun button and badge designs offered! Don't forget to check out the art prints, and maybe even treat yourself to a commission or two!

Rabbit Tales
Your one stop shop for Cosplay, drinkware, crafts and more.

Rabbit Tales is a multi crafted company with everything from Etched glassware, embroidered towels, patches, charms, build your own OC kits and so much more. We also host a raffle for a unique or rare set of glasses so be sure to stop by over the weekend and enter into our raffle!

Artiselle’s Custom Crafts
Offering Custom Art Just for you!

We will be selling Art prints, badges, key chains, and custom sketches at competitive prices. Each Custom sketch will take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour to complete, depending on amount of detail. Also accepting digital art commissions

KefkaFloyd Art & Lights
Inspire with Light

Make some friends! On sale at Kefka's booth are radical light-up laser stands that turn art into a groovy light show. Also offered are a multitude of propaganda and inspirational themed posters and items for you to spread the word of friendship!

Pony purveyor of knick knacks and such.

A rather varied assortment. Wall scrolls, flags, coins, mouse pads just to name a few. We carry, TSSSF, along with custom expansions, and Prance as well. Vinyl Decals and trinkets are cycling so check website for new stuff!

Cutie Corral
Plushies and Accessories

I love making ponies! It’s what I do in my spare time. During the day I run a full time fashion and fashion accessory company, but I just can’t help myself from my intense love of MLP:FiM!

Kazzy’s Plush Emporium
Cute, snuggly, and unique handmade plush with personality!

Kazzy's Plush Emporium has been crafting for nearly 5 years. We strive to create adorable, cuddly friends for you to love forever. If you're looking for a plush snuggle or travel buddy, look no further!

Stars & Spikes
Creating crafted geek goodies since 2010.

Stars & Spikes has crocheted beanies, scarves, and clip on cosplay pony tails. The pony tails come in multiple pre-made colors and are available for custom orders on the spot. She also was the popular stop for all the embroidered hand/bath towels with every pony's cutie mark.

Your one stop shop for fandom plush, pillowcases and wall scrolls!

Pillowcases, wall scrolls, official toys, plush toys

Sweet Cream
Artist produced work.

Offering prints, art, shipfic cards and fan-made expansions as well as small trinkets like buttons.

My Little Ties
Finest pony formalwear non-pareil.

Pony ties, bow-ties, pins, tie bars, plus necklaces, coasters, tankards and coasters. Plus all sorts of lasered items, from keychains to magnets. Lots of variety with subtle ways to express your fandom.

Accessories for everypony!

Affordable and whimsical hair accessories for every day or cosplay! I custom create and decorate all types of fascinators, bows, and headbands to complete your look in a fun way. If you love tiny hats as much as I do, I hope you will find something to adorn your lovely locks.

Sculptural Renaissance
Custom jewelry and miniature figurines

I engrave stainless steel rings with custom designs on site as well as create elegant MLP-themed jewelry. Cast at home in hand-dyed resin using molds from my original polymer clay sculpts, I also make miniature MLP figurines, ranging from the 2" brushie ponies to 1/2" or smaller as well as 1:12 scale ball-jointed dolls. My engraving and resin casting skills also extend to unique keychains, necklaces, and phone charms.

Shottsy Arts – Twisted Tails
Shottsy Arts Is a spark of something different.

At Shottsy Arts you get the unique experience of entertainment and fun while purchasing your products. We create high quality heatpressed garments and bags with exquisite artwork in front of you. You can even have minor customizations such as color and size, or multiple designs on one item. We also make one of a kind hand crafted wire sculptures, have a new published fantasy novel, and original manufactured designer plush: our unicones! We also have nostalgia galore in the form of 80s and 90s vintage toys!

Silver Band’s Custom Ponies
Customized "My Little Pony" figures with hand sculpted manes and tails.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Brandon, but you can call me Silver Band. I have been customizing G4 My Little Pony brushable figures since January of 2012, and decided to share them with the world when I created my DeviantArt account in July of the same year. The manes and tales are all sculpted by me using Crayola Model Magic, and I try my best to shape them accordingly with the show. Making these figures has been a very fun experience and has lead me to meet people and go to places I've never thought I could possibly go before.

Swaglicorn Empire
Swagalicious merch by the Swaglicorn Empire.

We sell handmade wearable pony ears of different types, pony-themed shot glasses, a selection of pinback buttons, keychains, prints, and more!

E the Pony
Cute MLP Embroidery!

Stop by E the Pony's booth for custom made MLP themed embroidered patches, hats, designs or just to talk shop about embroidery or making plushies.

Stained-glass-like paintings and other inspirational art

Hang prints of paintings, inspired by the solemn stained-glass windows of cathedrals, characters and scenes from the show, and more. Orders for small real-glass prints, which the sunlight may shine through, are also available upon request. Limited sketch commissions available.

Snuggle Trumpet
Come and shop at Snuggle Trumpet's designer vinylwear for all your hand made athletic jerseys, hoodies, and dice bags.

Looking for your own pony jersey, t-shirt or dice bag? Want one with YOUR Cutie Mark, OC, or Fursona on it? Of course you do! Come down to Snuggle Trumpet Designer Vinylwear and check out all the cool stuff to make your unique jersey or t-shirt.

Syco Kaiyote Arts
Because being an artist means being a little crazy!

Original artwork in the form of prints, buttons, and more! I will also be taking on-the-spot-sketch commissions. Be sure to stop by and see what Syco Sketch has to offer!

Tony Fleecs
IDW Comics Artist

Fan favorite Tony Fleecs is currently hard at work writing and drawing MY LITTLE PONY comics for IDW Publishing and the creator owned, JEFF STEINBERG: CHAMPION OF EARTH at Oni Press. He's a prolific cover artist on everything from Ponies to Turtles, Grumpy Cats to samurai, the world's cutest dog, warrior princesses, vampires, Santa Claus and almost everything in between. He lives and works in North Hollywood, CA. His mother says he is handsome.