M. A. Larson returns to Whinny City!

WCPC18 Larson Announcement

Please welcome M. A. Larson back to Chicagoland!


Art by AfroThunder


We’ve got another big Whinny City Pony Con Guest of Honor announcement for you today!  This week’s announcement is so good, we didn’t want to just wing it.  We wanted to make sure this announcement is a great bookend to your weekend, and that it’s a sign of the great things coming in April.

We are proud to announce the king of autographs, M.A. Larson, as our next Guest of Honor!  M. A. is best known as the writer for some of the most well-known “Friendship is Magic” episodes, including the alicorn-creating “Magical Mystery Cure” and the Season 5 premiere “The Cutie Map.”  He was also the story editor for Season Five of “MLP:FiM.”

M.A. Larson joins Kelly Sheridan, Andrea Libman, and Ingrid Nilson as our currently announced Guests of Honor for Whinny City 2018!  If you would like to join them, weekend badges are still available for $50!  And we’re also approaching a deadline for a few major submissions.  If you want to apply to be a musician, panelist, or community guest for this year, you have until January 31st.  That’s only a few days away!

Come hang out with M. A. Larson and more this April 13-15!

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