From everyone at #WCPC17, THANK YOU!

WCPC17 Success

More than a week has passed since #WCPC17 ended but we’re still reeling from all of your compliments! We’re glad you agree it was a success!

Thanks to Cathy Weseluck, Ian James Corlett, and Lee Tockar for sharing your immeasurable talent with us! We are lucky to be joined by such greats.

Thanks to Rebecca Shoichet, Claire Margaret Corlett, and Black Gryph0n for being such endless sources of energy! We can’t figure out how you do it.

Thanks to G. M. Berrow and Tony Fleecs for sharing your vast creativity with our attendees of all ages. We appreciate you both very much!

Thanks to our 17(!) Community Guests including Saberspark, WeimTime, ILoveKimPossibleAlot, Josh Scorcher, ACRacebest, Argodaemon, Dustykatt, PaleoSteno, Pecach Pictures, ToonKriticY2K, Foal Papers, Fire Team Harmony, Lochlan O’Neil, TheBlackmanBrony, Kirin-chan Cosplay, and Alto & Pastel of Ponyville!

Extra special thanks to Community Guest AdamTheAmazing64 for the great promo video! Check it out in case you missed it:

Thanks to musicians [d.notive], Vocal Score, The Shake Ups In Ponyville, SteelChords, Forest Rain, and again Black Gryph0n for pulling double duty!

Thanks to DJs Garnika, DJ GeekBrony, DJ Rod, Seventh Element, and Technickel Ted for your amazing sets!

Thanks to all of the other panelists & performers, more than we can name, for providing more great content than our attendees could enjoy!

Thanks to all of the talented vendors and artists that filled our vendor hall with endless creations to make our wallets cry!

Thanks to the amazing generosity you showed at our charity auction for Extra Life! The $5,300+ we raised will go a long way!

Extra special thanks to staff artists Sciggles & Sweet Cream for all the art you provided for us! Our mascots have never looked so good!

Special thanks to the staff at the Hyatt Regency Schaumburg Chicago for taking such great care of us! We’re thankful we’ve found such a good home with you.

Extra special thanks to Hasbro Studios, DHX Studios, and My Little Pony for creating something that can bring all types of people together!

A round of applause please for our hardworking staff, who can be found on this page: You are all amazing!

Extra special thanks to Vivid Syntax, NoteWorthy, and Cydney Marie for being the voices of Hoof Work, Mustard Mark, and DeeDee on Twitter!

Speaking of Vivid Syntax – a HUGE thanks for writing the script our GoHs performed on Saturday! Check out his work!

And an extra HUGE thanks to our hardworking chairs and directors Charlie Worthley, Corey Wood, David Dague, and William Schager for your dedication!

Finally, the biggest thanks goes to all our attendees and ESPECIALLY our sponsors for enabling us to put on this great con for everyone!

Please keep posting using #WCPC17! Once again, from all of us, THANK YOU EVERYONE! Hope to see you all at Ponyville Ciderfest on October 20th for #PVCF17!

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