Thursday Night Meetup at Level 257

Thursday Night
7:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Level 257

Everyone who's at the con early!

Thursday Night Meetup at Level 257

All checked in and looking for something to do on Thursday night? There’s lots to do in the area, but our official meetup spot is a 10 minute walk straight out the front door of the hotel. Join us at the amazing Level 257 at the Woodfield Mall!

What is Level 257?

Level 257 is a stylish and unique place to eat, drink and socialize. While the massive 42,000 square foot playground was inspired by PAC-MAN, the experience is playfully sophisticated.

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257 conjures a level beyond the infamous PAC-MAN ‘kill screen’. It’s unexplored territory.  And it’s the brainchild of the great, playful and audacious minds at Namco USA Inc. While the company is known for arcade games, Level 257 is the anti-arcade. It is all about the next level of socialization. And yes, there are video games – both classic and new – that add to the ambiance.

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