Whinny City Pony Con 2016 Staff

Convention Chair – Corey Wood
Vice-Chair – Charlie Worthley

We would like to express our greatest thanks for all the below staff that volunteered their free time before, during, and after the convention to help make Whinny City 2016 as great as it could be. We couldn’t have done it without you!

– Corey and Charlie

Department Head  – William Schager

Jason Reynolds

Royal Guard
Department Head – David Hoskins

Royal Guard Assistant DH – Matt Salutric

Chloie Townsend
James Roberts
Bryan Johnson
Olivia Traversa
Rebecca Salutric
Jacob Slowinski
Victoria lomax

Department Head – Ashley Wagner

Con Merch Store Manager – Lucie Rider

Liam Edelman
Luke Otto
Cydney Ignots
Linda Anguiano
Frank Dutkiewicz
Jason Philips

Exhibit Hall
Department Head – Sydney Armstrong

Brandon Pagano
Joe Morganti

Mane Events
Department Head – Dave Dague

Lauren Recchia
Roger Berton

Special Events
Department Head – Ben Howell

Special Events Department Advisor – Danielle Blindauer

Stephen Han
Jensen Sarmina
Cosplay Contest MC  – Savannah O’Conner
Waltz Instructor  – John Farber

Kid’s Progamming
Department Head – Erin Frost

Ren Clarke
Gill Gillono

Video Gaming
Department Head – Tim MacKenzie

Rustin Hanson
Darren Sanders

Tabletop Gaming
Department Head – Steel

Osiel Hernandez
Calvin Kruse

Audio Visual
Department Head – Shane “TicTac” Wesbrook

Audio Visual Department Advisor Larscis de’Medici
Audio Lead  – Blunose Reindeer
Stage Manager – Goat

Caitlyn Faust
Christopher Locke
Paul Clarke
Nick Santiago
Analise Rahn

Guest Relations
Department Head – Drew Sind Fain

Guest Relations Assistant DH – Tim Star
Green Room Manager – Michelle Worthley

Kyle “Beardy” Baker
Bash Script
Justinian Stewart
Jonathon Santiago
Andrew Ho
Marina Beke
Josh Dean
Sheva Goldberg
Joni Berton
Steven OConnell

Web Site
Department Head – Charlie Worthley

Cydney Ignots

Art / Production
Department Head – Charlie Worthley

Caelie Stefancic
Jamie Stanley

Social Media
Department Head – Charlie Worthley

Timotheus Gordon, Jr.


Kyle Gaddo
Alicia Steffenhagen
Adrienne Hopkins

Con Book Design

Charlie Worthley
Caitlyn Faust