Whinny City’s Musicians and DJs for 2016 made our Saturday Night Concert one to remember!

Our Musicians

The Shake Ups in Ponyville
Power Pony Pop!

Meet The Shake Ups In Ponyville, an original music project inspired by My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic! Comprised of Patrick O’Connor, Savannah O’Connor, Steve Hinckley, Bitsy Matatall, Lee Cherolis and Samantha Kyle, The Shake Ups In Ponyville combine the power of music with the magic of friendship!

Hailing from Indianapolis, The Shake Ups perform at events ranging from children’s birthday parties to full-on rock concerts, and most recently had the honor of performing at Big Apple Ponycon with Daniel Ingram, Andrea Libman, and Ingrid Nilsen! The band’s “pony power pop” stylings are fun for all ages, and their latest album is available now from iTunes, Amazon, and wherever quality independent music is sold.

Melbourne Bounce | Future Bass

Possibly the Brony Fandom’s best kept secret, Melbourne Bounce DJ/Producer, Garnika, is no stranger to the main stage having played at all of the biggest North American brony convention the fandom has to offer such as, BronyCon, Everfree Northwest, Equestria LA, Babscon, MLP MSP, Ponyville Ciderfest and much more. His first fandom remix of “Hearts Strong as Horses” to date has amassed nearly 30k views and along with his “Hey Brother Remix” have received tons of radio play on nearly every brony radio station currently streaming.

Garnika currently has collaborations in the works with the likes of Art Attack, Omnipony, Baasik, Internet Empire, Knife Pony, F3nning, and DJ Tetsuo, and is notorious for filling his sets with unreleased goodies and works in progress. For everything you haven’t heard about Garnika, he makes up for in pure stage presence and performance skill with his ability to effortlessly move a crowd, of any size or creed, back and forth with ease. Anyone who has seen him live can attest, that he is an absolute must see at any convention concert or festival. From jumping up and down, to screaming, to crying tears of joy, we cannot wait to see what Garnika has to bring to our stage and we are certain he will not disappoint.

Seventh Element
Genre jumping electronic musician

Seventh Element is an electronic musician from central Illinois who joined the brony music scene in early 2012. He is known for his diversity in producing, jumping from genre to genre and sometimes in-between. He produces any manner of drums n' bass, house, chillout/downtempo, ambient, breakcore, 80's revival, and trap. His diversity also stems out towards post-rock and orchestral music. He's composed music since 2008, and has found his best works so far have been in pony music.

Tetsuo the robot
Mashup/Sample/Loop Musician

Tetsuo the robot. Is one of the most versatile DJ/producers in the con scene. Playing live mashups and trippy transitions, using the most popular dance anthems & fan service songs from video games, anime & tv shows. His genres range from EDM/house/trap/j-house, even drum and bass (only when it’s too hype; that’s your job :3) & his personal favorite French & disco house. He has played some of the country’s biggest con raves including Anime Milwaukee & one of the opening headliners for Bronycon 14′ & 15′. He also plays at clubs all over Indianapolis, IN (his hometown).

Saccharine & heavy vibes

BIO: Passion, high-energy, horse samples, breakbeats, and unusually happy vibes are all key ingredients in Foozogz's tracks. Ever since May of 2011, he's been producing lots of super exciting beats - even some that are almost undanceable. This time, he's giving Whinny City a set to remember, with styles ranging from Happy Hardcore to Drum N Bass, Future Bass, and Electro House, all laced with sugary upbeat vibes. Get ready for a wild experience when he takes the stage this April!

Upbeat tempos & hypnotic melodies

PonyFireStone's music consists of upbeat tempos, hypnotic melodies, and his own vocals. His prior work includes remixes of songs like “Friendship Through the Ages,” along with original works such as "Staricon" and "Can You Believe in Me."

Technickel Pony
Hip Hop, Dance, and Mixtracks

A 22 year old producer/DJ/musician who focuses mostly on Hip Hop, Dance, and Mixtracks (but open to other genres like Funk, Rock, etc.).

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