Welcome to the WCPC16 Grand Galloping Gala!

Enjoy the finest of evenings in this formal dance/ball. The Grand Galloping Gala will take place on Friday from 7pm to 9pm.

Grand Galloping Gala tickets are either included in all Sponsor packages or can be purchased separately for $20 from the Registration Page or at the door.

All proceeds from tickets to the Gala will go to our charity partner for this year.

The Grand Galloping Gala requires Formal Wear/Formal Cosplay/Military Uniform; see below for the dress code.

Ticket holders for The Grand Galloping Gala will get to enjoy:

Grand Galloping Gala Dress Code

The following are the rules of what may and what may not be worn at the Grand Galloping Gala:

What CAN be worn for Men:

What CAN be worn for Women:

Anything not listed in the dress code above will not be allowed at the Grand Galloping Gala. If you have any questions about the Dress Code, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

If you are gender neutral and/or transgender and wish to wear formal clothing listed in the opposite gender please follow the attire guidelines for the gender you identify with.

Whinny City reserves the right to deny/turn away clothing/cosplay deemed inappropriate. We will not provide refunds to guests denied entrance for failing to meet the Dress Code requirements.