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#WCPC17 just became UNMISSABLE thanks to Cathy Weseluck, Lee Tockar and Black Gryph0n!

Cathy Weseluck, Lee Tockar and Gabe “Black Gryph0n” Brown join our incredible Guest of Honor lineup for Whinny City 2017! Cathy and Lee’s art by Sciggles Gabe’s art by Sweet Cream When we started planning our second year, we knew two things. First, we wanted to outdo our first year in every way. And second, we […]

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WCPC17 Just Got Even Better Thanks To G. M. Berrow and Tony Fleecs!

The #WCPC17 Announcements Keep Coming with G. M. Berrow and Tony Fleecs! Announcement art by Sciggles Hoof Work art by Sweet Cream We always knew that we wanted to cover as many sides of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic world as we could, but we never expected to land such versatile people like […]

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Triple Guest Announcement: Rebecca Shoichet, Claire Corlett and Ian James Corlett!

Our guest announcements are kicking off at full speed! Rebecca’s and Claire’s art by Sciggles Ian’s art by Sweet Cream We’re incredibly excited to announce that Rebecca Shoichet (Sunset Shimmer, singing voice of Twilight Sparkle), Claire Corlett (Sweetie Bell), and Ian James Corlett (Silver Shill as well as a TON of roles in other series, […]

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We’re updated for Whinny City 2017! Help us select our guests of honor and submit your applications!

Welcome back! We’re all updated for 2017 and have lots of updates! Please take a look around our site, there’s lots to look at! We also hope you appreciate our colors for 2017, which celebrate our current hometown heros, the Chicago Cubs! We want your help in putting together our Guest of Honor list for […]

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Whinny City Pony Con Returns March 31st, 2017!

As announced at the Ponyville Ciderfest 2016 Closing Ceremonies, #WCPC17 will be March 31st – April 2nd 2017! Ciderfest took up more time than we anticipated so we haven’t gotten a chance to update the website yet, but keep an eye open for registration, vendor applications, staff applications, and panel applications to open very soon! […]

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From all of us, THANK YOU!

  Thank you, thank you, a million times thank you! It’s hard to believe it’s been a whole week since ‪#‎WCPC16‬. We’re finally slowing down enough to look back, reflect, and thank some friends. Thanks to Andrea Libman and Kazumi Evans for being so kind and gracious. Our ears are still ringing from our attendees’ […]

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Presenting the official #WCPC16 Roadtrip Playlist!

Looking for something to listen to on the way to #WCPC16? Or would you just like to get to know all our guests a little better? Well we have you covered! We reached out to our Guests of Honor and Community Guests and asked them to list 5 songs that they’re really into right now, […]

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ACRaceBest, Saberspark and PaleoSteno are rounding out our community guest lineup!

ACRaceBest, Saberspark and PaleoSteno join ILoveKimPossibleAlot in our community guest lineup! One thing is for certain – there will be no shortage of vlogging happening at #WCPC16. Brony reviewer and YouTuber power trio ACRaceBest, Saberspark, and PaleoSteno will be joining the rest of our guests at Whinny City 2016, and are bringing along their famous panels like […]

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ILoveKimPossibleAlot is joining our community guests at #WCPC16!

We love that ILoveKimPossibleAlot is coming to Chicago! ILoveKimPossibleAlot wears lots of hats: YouTube Reviewer, Panel Host, Interviewer, Analyzer, Animator – the list goes on and on! We’re excited to add KP to our lineup of community guests this year The Signing: ILoveKimPossibleAlot Interviews M.A. Larson So once upon a time ILoveKimPossibleAlot, a MLP reviewer […]

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Jenn Blake and Rarebear Cosplay are coming to #WCPC16!

You know it’s a party when Jenn Blake and Rarebear show up! Jenn Blake is quickly becoming a favorite guest among attendees at conventions across the country. Her style, talent and personality have brought her a large fanbase, and we can’t wait to bring her back to Chicago this April! Attendees will have lots of chances […]


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